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kidvicRaised in Texas, Vic Feazell has become a household name to anyone living in the state from the 80's to today. Whether you heared his name on his catchy commercials sporting the "drive laid back" slogan or saw him on the news there is no denying Vic Feazell is a Texas legend.









When Vic was just 17 he joined the Austin Police Department. When a superior told him he needed to get into college, Vic thought about it and did.





gradBy the early 70's Vic had Graduated from Mary Harden Baylor and by 79' had graduated from Baylor School of Law and was practicing law.






He soon had his sights on bigger things. Like becoming the DA of Mclennan County in Waco, Texas. Through a twist of fate the young Vic Feazell won his campaign and became one of the youngest DA's Waco had ever seen. (See the swearing in ceremony) During his 1st term as DA he tried many cases including the Lake Waco Triple Murder cases. In 1984 a jury found David Spence guilty of the murders and sentenced him to the death penalty. Vic is now a vocal advocate against the death penalty.


Then in late 1984 Vic learned of a drifter named Henry Lee Lucas. Lucas had been claiming to have killed over 300 people accross the country and when Lucas confessed to a murder in McLennan County Feazell became suspicious and wanted the Lucas murders examined more closely. With the help of Attorney General Jim Mattox a large scale investigation was put into place resulting in the famous ''Lucas Report". The report showed Lucas couldn't have commited all the crimes he was admitting to. The report showed Lucas cashing checks in Florida while at the same time confessing to a murder in Texas. Due to Vic's diligence, the information gathered still helps law enforcement ensure they get the right guy to this day.

KXXV News Story On Henry Lucas & The Rita Salazar Homicide

This report as great as it seemed soon had a backlash on Feazell. The Texas Rangers who had been leading Lucas to all the confessions soon found themselves with egg on their faces for not doing proper investigations. As a result they became resentful of Vic and with the FBI an investigation soon began.


Vic soon found out about the investigation and was the subject of an episode of "60 minutes".


On the morning of September 17th, 1986 Vic was met by FBI agents and arrested. He was arrested on charges of Bribery, Racketeering, and Fraud. The arrest came just weeks before his bid for re-election.


Though under indictment the people of Waco saw past the lies that were being spread about Vic and voted him in for another term.


With the momentum of Re-election, help from Attorney Gary Richardson and God's will; Vic was found not guilty of all charges on June 29th, 1987. (Click Here To See His Courthouse Steps Speech). With his innocence proven Vic got back to work as DA.


On September 13th, 1988 Vic sent out a press release stating he would be resigning as DA. After many long hard battles Vic now sought to restore his reputation. During his indictment a News Channel 8 reporter named Charles Duncan had run a series about Feazell. The series slandered Feazell's name and added fuel to Vic's indictment by spreading rumors and lies. Vic filed a lawsuit against Channel 8's owner Belo. On April 20th, 1991 after weeks of trial a jury awarded Vic with a $58 Million Judgment. This being the largest Libel award in US history at the time.


With the libel verdict under his belt Vic decided to take it easy for a few years. He spent the 90's making movies like "Rhinos", "Blood, Sweat & Teeth", "Rage In The Cage" and "Monster Hunter" starring the late David Carradine. Come the 21st century Vic started to miss the legal world and decided to start his own practice. He started the Law Offices Of Vic Feazell with offices in Austin & Waco Texas. His offices handle Personal Injury cases from slip & falls to 18-wheeler wrecks. Vic now spends his time watching over his offices, trying the occasional case, and writing books. Ohh and Driving Laid Back.



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