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The Branch Davidians



(2.13.1973) Vic Feazell To Speak Bethel Baptist Church

19 MH-B Students In Honor Book





(9.7.1974) Albuquerque Pastor's Son Honored





(2.23.1979) Council Hopeful Seeks Northwest Waco Seat

(2.23.1979) Feazell Seeks Council Post





(10.17.1982) Feazell Best Man For DA's Office





(1.1.1983) Chasing The Green

(2.8.1983) DA Vic Feazell To Prosecute First Case

(4.15.1983) Two Waco Police Question Suspect

(4.16.1983) Waco Police Interrogate Bishop

(4.19.1983) Probe In Triple Slaying Continuing In California

(5.25.1983) Feazell Takes Case To Legislature

(6.2.1983) Bishop Sentenced In California Case

(6.21.1983) County DA's Hot-check Fund Shows Deficit

(6.23.1983) DA's Office To Delay Murder Indictment

(7.15.1983) Drakeford Plea Signals Probe Of Triple Slayings

(7.31.1983) Feazell Says DA's Office Needs Improvements

(9.19.1983) Law Officer Says Lucas Claims He's Killed 156

(9.20.1983) Police,Fireman Hail Pay raises

(10.4.1983) New Evidence Found In Deaths

(11.16.1983) Lawyer To Ask Court To Lower Deeb's Bond

(11.18.1983) Deeb Wants Bond Reduced to $2,500

(11.18.1983) Indictments Near Teenagers Deaths

(12.6.1983) Murder Suspect Returned To Waco For Arraignment

(12.8.1983) Attorneys Appointed For Suspects

(12.13.1983) A Report From DA Vic Feazell

(12.14.1983) Father Of Deeb Denies Sons Guilt

(12.18.1983) Deebs Requests Truth Serum Test

(12.28.1983) Court Appoints Attoney To Represent Deeb

(12.29.1983) Melendez Case Attorneys Ask To Withdraw

(12.30.1983) Deebs Parents Satisfied With Attorney

1983 Sees Arrest In Triple Slaying Case





(1.10.1984) DA's Office May Purchase New Equipment

(2.1.1984) Murder Suspects Face Arraignment

(2.10.1984) Judge Denies Dismissal in Lake Slaying Trial

(2.20.1984) Q & A Vic Feazell

(3.27.1984) Triple Murder Pre-Trial Hearings Tedious

(3.28.1984) Pre-Trial Focus On Spence

(4.1.1984) The whole Truth

(4.3.1984) Dismissal Rejected in Slaying Case

(4.6.1984) David Spence To Be First Tried

(4.7.1984) Motions Filed In Lake Murder Case

(4.13.1984) Venue Change Asked For Spence

(4.18.1983) Feazell To Address McLennan League

(4.26.1984) Judge Says Dental Specialist May Testify

(5.6.1984) DA Condems New Criminal Law

(5.8.1984) Defense Pressures Change of Venue For Spence

(5.9.1984) Venue Hearing Focuses On Local Media Coverage

(5.12.1984) Last Minute Plea Bargin Halts Murder Trial

(5.13.1984) Spence, Feazell Testify At Change Of Venue Hearing

(5.15.1984) Spence Takes Stand

(5.22.1984) Selection Of Jurors To Begin For Triple Murder Court Case

(5.24.1984) First Juror Chosen For Spence Trial

(5.25.1983) Feazell Takes Case To Legislature for States

(5.25.1984) Teacher Chosen As 2nd Juror

(5.31.1984) 7th Juror Chosen For Spence Trial

(5.31.1984) Judge Says Dental Specialists May Testify In Trial

(6.1.1984) No Jurors Selected For Spence

(6.2.1984) Secretary Is 8th Juror In Spence Trial

(6.5.1984) 9th Juror Chosen Picked

(6.5.1984) Melendez Enters Guilty Plea

(6.9.1984) 12th Juror Named For Triple Murder Trial

(6.9.1984) Johnson Sentences 2, Two Prison Terms

(6.12.1984) Spence Jury Picked Alternates To Go

(6.13.1984) Spence Remains 1 Juror From Trial

(6.14.1984) Alternate Sought For Spence Jury

(6.14.1984) Grand Jury Investigates Misconduct Charges

(6.15.1984) Confessed Slayer Given Life

(6.15.1984) Man Gets 2 Life Terms

(6.15.1984) One Defendant Pleads Guilty in Three Slayings

(6.15.1984) Suspect Pleads Guilty To Killing 3 Teens

(6.15.1984) Triple Slayer Sentenced

(6.17.1984) Harwell Vindicated

(6.19.1984) Man Accused of Wrong Murder For Hire

(6.19.1984) Prosecutors Say They Intend To Convict Spence Of Murder

(6.19.1984) Spence Trial Gets Underway

(6.20.1984) Expert Says Waco Victim Lingered

(6.20.1984) Father Testifies About His Murdered Son

(6.20.1984) Mother Talks At Waco Trial

(6.20.1984) Pathologist Testifies In Trial

(6.20.1984) Stab victim Didn't Die Immediately

(6.20.1984) Victim May Have Lived For An Hour

(6.21.1984) Defendant hinted At Killing

(6.21.1984) Ex Neighbor Spence Was Depressed

(6.21.1984) Neighbor Says Suspect Gave Hints Of Killings

(6.21.1984) Neighbor Testifies

(6.21.1984) Pathologists Say Stab Victim Might Have Lived For An Hour

(6.22.1984) Feazell Gives Victims A Boost

(6.22.1984) Mom Tells Jury ''I Cut Somebody'' Spency Says

(6.22.1984) Witness Tells Of Money Offer In Lake Killings

(6.23.1984) Cellmate Implicates Spence

(6.23.1984) Ex Convict Spence Confessed

(6.25.1984) Spence Trial Sees Dental Evidence

(6.26.1984) Prosecutors To Show Scientific Evidence

(6.26.1984) David Wayne Spence

(6.26.1984) Defendant Tells Of Killings

(6.26.1984) ''I Bit Her Nipple Off'' Spence Tells TDC Inmate

(6.26.1984) Inmates Testify Spence Killed Teenaged Girls

(6.26.1984) Jury Hears Of Spence Confession

(6.26.1984) Killings Admitted, Ex-Inmate Claims

(6.26.1984) Murder Trial Opens Robles Takes Stand

(6.26.1984) Spence Confessed To All Three Murders, Accordig To Jailmate

(6.26.1984) Testimony Resumes In Lake Waco Killings

(6.27.1984) Cast Of Defendan'ts Teeth Entered In Park Killings Trial

(6.27.1984) Dental Expert To Be Called

(6.27.1984) Drink Clouded Memory Of A Day

(6.28.1984) Attorneys Say Spence Victim Of Faulty Probe

(6.28.1984) Bite Marks Are Linked To Spence

(6.29.1984) Defense Claims Spence Wrong Man

(6.29.1984) Defense May Find It Tough To Refute

(6.29.1984) Jury Recessed Till Monday In Spence Trial

(6.29.1984) Marquest Gets 15 Years

(6.29.1984) Murder Case Defense Disputes Evidence Found At Crime Scene

(6.29.1984) Rape Victims Aid Requested

(6.29.1984) Spence Lawyers Base Case On Hair

(6.30.1984) Marquez Given Formal Sentence In District Court

(7.1.1984) Authorities Decry Release of Prisoners

(7.2.1984) Spence Defense Starts Attack

(7.3.1984) Bite Marks Prove Indecisive

(7.3.1984) Closing Arguments Due To Start

(7.3.1984) Spence Defense Rests Case

(7.3.1984) Trial Stirs Curiosity In Courtroom

(7.4.1984) Jury Finds David Spence Guilty

(7.5.1984) Jury Set To Sentence Teen's Killer

(7.6.1984) Life Or Death Testimony

(7.6.1984) Murder Defendant Said Dangerous

(7.6.1984) Psychiatrist To Describe Defendant

(7.6.1984) Woman Says Killer Raped Her

(7.6.1984) Woman Testifies In Punishment Phase Of Spence's Murder Trial

(7.7.1984) Judge Sentences Spence To Death By Injection

(7.7.1984) Waco Jury Recommends Death Penalty For Spence

(7.11.1984) DA To Ask For Probe Of Warrants

(7.13.1984) Death Sentence Ends Two Years Of Hate

(7.15.1984) Batting 1.000

(7.18.1984) Trial Picture Worst Of Taste

(8.7.1984) Spence's Attorney's Seek Retrial

(8.8.1984) Feazell Right Man For Job

(8.11.1984) Feazell's Work Commended

(8.14.1984) DA Feazell Supports Project Payup

(8.14.1984) Witness Tells Jury He Saw Men Arguing

(8.21.1984) Feazell Fine Public Servant

(8.31.1984) Police Recruits Get Taste of Courtroom

(9.6.1984) Melendez Wants Trial Transferred

(9.7.1984) Deeb Attorneys Denied Access

(9.8.1984) Spence's New Trial Request Refused

(9.9.1984) Waco Murder Defendants To Appear in Court

(9.12.1984) Spence's Attorney's Withdraw

(9.14.1984) Dinner Honors Feazell, Khoury

(9.16.1984) Spence Case Dents County Coffers

(9.23.1984) Vic Feazell Appreciation Dinner

(9.26.1984) Texas DA To Preach in Fathers Church

(9.29.1984) Feazell Is Guest Preacher

(10.12.1984) Spence Taken To Death Row

(10.16.1984) Deeb Trial To Be heard In Cleburne

(10.18.1984) Feazell's Office Full After 10 Months

(10.28.1984) Lubbock Parents See Lucas As A Scapegoat

(10.30.1984) Grand Jury Reindicts Deeb

(11.16.1984) DA Vic Feazell Encourages MADD To Continue Work

(11.22.1984) Waco DA Fields Questions

(12.5.1984) Feazell Seeks More Information

(12.7.1984) Feazell Plans Address

(12.24.1984) Spence Didn't Deserve Top Billing

(12.26.1984) Spence Where He Belongs

(12.27.1984) A Report From DA Vic Feazell






(1.10.1985) Feazell Fires Investigator

(1.11.1985) Judge Begins Looking At Deeb Trial Motions

(1.22.1985) Melendez Pleads Guilty

(2.15.1985) Deeb Paid To Marry

(2.19.1985) McLennan County Officials Testify DPS

(3.3.1985) Story Of Slayings Unfolds in 249th

(3.9.1985) Deebs Lawyers Try To Prove Financial Stability

(3.10.1985) Death Row Inmates Can Expect Long Time Before Execution

(3.14.1985) Deeb Found Guilty Of Capital Murder

(3.16.1985) Jury Asks Death Penalty For Deebs

(3.17.1985) Jury, Deeb To Die

(4.2.1985) Judge Grants Change Of Venue For Spence

(5.1.1985) DA Will Keep On-A-Comin, One Ranger, 600 Confessions

(5.4.1985) No Sacred Cows, Rangers Included

(5.9.1985) Feazell's Name Spurs Argument

(5.16.1985) Feazell Subject Of DPS Probe

(5.19.1985) Unusal Events Result From DA's Lucas Probe

(6.5.1985) 2 Identify Kinder

(6.7.1985) Story Information Obtained Unlawfully

(6.12.1985) Feazell Said Guarding Police Records

(6.15.1985) Feazell Says Report Part Of Smear

(6.16.1985) DPS Inquiry On Prosecutor Questioned

(6.16.1985) Feazell Warns City About Data

(6.17.1985) McLennan Prosecutor Attacks DWI News Story

(6.21.1985) TV Series Gives County Black Eye

(6.22.1985) Feazell Says US Land Of Persecution

(6.23.1985) An Attempt To Smear DA

(6.24.1985) Keep Stepping On Those Toes

(6.26.1985) Feazell's Record Lauded

(6.29.1985) Feazell Indictment Wouldn't Surprise Him

(7.6.1985) Murder Defendant Said Dangerous

(7.7.1985) Feazell Needs Our Support

(7.7.1985) Jury Hands Spence The Death Penalty

(7.8.1985) Conscentious Men Are Scarce

(7.9.1985) Controversy Hurting Waco

(7.12.1985) GOP Backer Of Feazell Resigns Post

(7.13.1985) Vic Was Hero

(7.15.1985) Jurors Debate Punishment In Lake Waco Murder Trial

(7.16.1985) Feazell Grand Jury Recesses Withouth Taking Action

(7.17.1985) McLennan DA Says Federal Investigation is Witch Hunt

(7.17.1985) McLennan DA Says He Fears For His Life

(7.18.1985) Austin Lawyer To Represent Waco Prosecutor

(7.18.1985) DA In Lucas Probe Fearfull Of Life

(7.18.1985) Feazell Acquires Attorney

(7.18.1985) Lucas Controversy Prompts DA To Hire Attorney

(7.18.1985) Lucas Task Force Director Feazell Fears Retalliation 'witch hunt'

(7.18.1985) McLennan County DA Hires Lawyer Minton

(7.18.1985) McLennan DA Hires Defense Attorney

(7.18.1985) McLennan DA Says He Fears DPS Reprisals

(7.19.1985) DA Hires Lawyer Used By Mattox

(7.19.1985) Feazell Hires Attorney, Announces For 2nd term

(7.19.1985) HLL Attorney Hires Lawyer For Himself

(7.20.1985) Feazell, Attorneys Consult

(7.22.1985) Feazell Says US Land Of Persecution

(7.23.1985) John Sutter Editorial Response To Tom Pauken

(7.23.1985) Smith Needs The Woodshed

(7.24.1985) Feazell Hires Defense Lawyer

(7.25.1985) FBI Agent, Hair From Car Matches victim

(7.26.1985) McLennan County Grand Jury Indicts 25 People

(7.26.1985) Vic Feazell Has My Support

(7.29.1985) DA's Remarks Were Scary

(7.30.1985) Grand Jury Hearing Police Case

(7.30.1985) Sign Of Support Goes Up For District Attorney

(7.31.1985) Council Gets Petition Supporting Scott, Adams

(7.31.1985) Waco Policeman Cleared In Shooting Of Man

(8.1.1985) The Henry Lee Lucas Book Derby In Between Magazine

(8.2.1985) Judge Holds Pretrial Hearing in Bryan

(8.2.1985) Lack Of Waco Prosecutors Draws Fire Of Police Chief

(8.2.1985) Scott Waco Police To Bypass DA

(8.2.1985) The Saga Goes On Channel 8 V. court

(8.2.1985) Waco Police To Bypass DA

(8.3.1985) Waco Police Chief To Take Cases To Federal Prosecutor

(8.4.1985) Feazell-Scott Feud Alarming

(8.4.1985) Heat's On The DA

(8.9.1985) Analysts_ publicity may work to feazell's good

(8.12.1985) Q&A Jack Harwell

(8.13.1985) Feazell Needs To Be Re-Elected

(8.17.1985) Feazell Could Use Some Help

(8.18.1985) Prosecutor On Defensive

(8.19.1985) Jail Filled Beyond Capacity

(8.23.1985) Mind Your Own Closet

(8.25.1985) Politics Are Beyond Investigations

(8.27.1985) Feazell To Give Response

(8.31.1985) Waco DA Gets His Say On Channel 8

(9.7.1985) DPS Could Use Investigation

(9.19.1985) County Reisdents Discuss Indictment

(9.19.1985) Party Chairman Dispute

(9.22.1985) 11 Jurors Picked For Spence Trial

(9.24.1985) 60 Minutes Interviews Vic Feazell

(9.26.1985) Final Jurors Chosen For Spence's Trial

(9.27.1985) Inmates Freed In Short Time

(9.27.1985) Waco Lawyer Interviewed By Reasoner

(9.29.1985) DA's Say Moreno Spence Needs

(10.1.1985) Show Questions DA, Victims Mother

(10.2.1985) Mistrial Asked In Spence Case

(10.3.1985) Political Retaliation Was Unjust, Lawyer Says

(10.6.1985) Vic Feazell, DA Wants Out Of The Limelight

(10.7.1985) Spence Trial Begins Tuesday

(10.8.1985) Spence Jurors To Be Asked About Prejudice

(10.9.1985) Spence Trial Gets Late Start

(10.10.1985) Judge Disallows Testimony By 2

(10.11.1985) DA Should Resign If Indicted

(10.11.1985) Witness Recounts Torture, Slayings

(10.12.1985) Expert Testifies On Teeth Marks

(10.13.1985) We The People Of Waco

(10.15.1985) Gilbert Melendez Tells Of Murders

(10.16.1985) No The Victim Has Rights Too

(10.16.1985) Spence Requests Mistrial

(10.17.1985) Witness_ Truck Was Working

(10.18.1985) Jury Finds Spence Guilty Of Murder

(10.18.1985) Spence Convicted Of Second Slaying

(10.18.1985) Spence Found Guilty Of Murder

(10.19.1985) Fate Of Convicted Killer Pondered

(10.19.1985) Ruling Won't Be immediate Officials Say

(10.19.1985) Spence Given Death Sentence For Murder

(10.21.1985) I'm Going To Go With Pride

(10.23.1985) DA Admits Writing notes In Court

(10.23.1985) DA Notes, Needle Gesture Prompts

(10.23.1985) Grounds For Appeal

(10.23.1985) Judge Notes No Basis For Spence Mistrial

(10.23.1985) Sheriff's Official, Lucas Lied

(10.24.1985) Texas Officials Switch, Lucas Not Their Man

(10.24.1985) Prosecutor Admist ''Psyching out'' Spence

(10.24.1985) Spence Trial Prosecutor Defends Antics

(10.25.1985) Feazell, Duncan Episode Topic Sunday Night

(10.26.1985) Killings Other Than Spence's

(10.26.1985) Round Table Planned

(10.27.1985) No Rhyme, Reason In Executions

(10.29.1985) Feazell Says Reports Untrue, May Still Sue

(10.29.1985) Media Panel Goes Yawn and Yawn

(10.30.1985) Lobby Recognizes State's Reforms

(10.31.1985) Harry Reasoner Readies Lucas Report In Waco

(10.1985) D Magazine

(11.2.1985) Bounty Being Offered For Tips On Drug Labs

(11.5.1985) Feazell Gets Funds For Office

(11.8.1985) Official Says Waco Needs Confidence

(11.9.1985) Tammany's Lucas Investigator Takes The 5th

(11.14.1985) Order of Court To Change

(11.15.1985) Spence Retrial Denied

(11.17.1985) Death Verdict Probability By Victims Race

(11.19.1985) Blood Test To Be Admitted As Evidence

(11.20.1985) Feazell Denies Ties To Burglary Suspect

(11.20.1986) DPS Director Defends Feazell Inquiry

(11.23. 1985) Feazell Complains Of Rights Violations

(11.23.1985) Jury Finds Buckner Guilty

(11.24.1985) White House Appointee Joins Texas Republican Party

(11.26.1985) DA Says Rights Violated

(11.28.1985) Whats With Vic Feazell

(12.4.1985) DA Seeks Federal Probe Into DPS

(12.4.1985) Feazell Formally Complains

(12.4.1985) McLennan DA Files Rights Violations Complaint

(12.4.1985) McLennan DA Lodges Rights Complaint

(12.4.1985) Waco Prosecutor Calls For Inquiry Into Conspiracy

(12.6.1985) Violence On Film

(12.10.1985) Reining In The Texas Rangers

(12.12.1985) Lucas Is Ruled Sane By Doctor

(12.14.1985) Attorneys Prepare for West Murder Trial

(12.15.1985) Merry Christmas

(12.17.1985) Grand Jury To Hear Bolton Case

(12.17.1985) Officals To Investigate Feazell Allegations

(12.18.1985) 2 Indicted In Murder Of West Woman

(12.21.1985) Feazell's Complaint Still Under Review

(12.27.1985) 60 Min To Feature Texas DA's Sunday Report

(12.27.1985) DA Claims DPS, FBI After Him

(12.28.1985) Judge To Name Attorneys In Bolton Murder Case

(12.28.1985) McLennans DA Will Be Subject Of 60 minutes

(12.29.1985) CBS Report To Spotlight Texas

(12.29.1985) CBS-TV's 60 Minutes To broadcast Report On Central Texas DA

(12.29.1985) DWI Can Be Tough In Texas

(12.29.1985) Guilty Verdicts Delivered

(12.29.1985) I fight Like Rocky Balboa

(12.29.1985) Report To Detail Lucas Investigation

(12.29.1985) Show To Feature Waco DA

(12.30.1985) CBS Airs Report On Feazell

(12.31.1985) Lucas Hankers For Attention At Huntsville Too

(12.1985) Outstanding Alumni To Be Recognized Chater Day






(1.5.1986) CBS 60 Minutes Broadcasts Report On

(1.8.1986) Chief Denies DEU Involvment In Federal Arrest

(1.9.1986) 60 Minutes Reports On Texas DA

(1.9.1986) DA's Lucas Probe Cited As Problem

(1.9.1986) Suspect Queried On Feazell, Wife Says

(1.11.1986) Department Sends Response To Feazell

(1.11.1986) Lucas Probe Called Fiasco by Walsh

(1.16.1986) DA Feazell Files 47 Page Motion

(1.19.1986) In Search Of Their Daughters Killer

(1.21.1986) Temple Jaycees To Host Feazell

(1.23.1986) McLennan Prepares Case Against Suspect

(1.23.1986) Sutter Making Jobs An Issue In Campaign

(1.23.1986) Vic Feazell Says America Ignoring God

(1.23.1986) Lucas Fires 5th Attorney

(1.29.1986) DA Says Opposition No Threat

(1.29.1986) Feazell Promises To continue To Rock The Boat

(1.29.1986) Lucas Could Not Have Committed Murders

(1.29.1986) McLennan DA Greets Supporters

(1.30.1986) Bereaved Father Criticizes Task Force

(1.31.1986) DPS not Guilty In Lucas Case

(1.31.1986) Feazell Guilty Of Doing His Job

(2.1.1986) Feazell Says Offices Work Well Together

(2.1.1986) Lucas Case Termed 'Circus Like'

(2.2.1986) Feazell Found Refreshing

(2.4.1986) Lucas To Decide On Accepting Lawyer

(2.8.1986) Grand Jury Clears Lucas In Three Cases

(2.8.1986) Henry Lee Lucas No-billed

(2.19.1986) Waco DA Says DPS Tactics

(2.22.1986) Lucas Case Show Trial, DA Charges

(2.25.1986) Lucas Trial May Be Pivotal

(2.28.1986) Feazell Defends His DA Record

(2.28.1986) McLennan Verifies Computer Records

(3.8.1986) Prosecutors Share Evidence In West Murder

(3.13.1986) Former Waco DA Center Of Attention

(3.14.1986) AG Candidate says Mattox and Feazell

(3.31.1986) Grand Jury Refuses Lucas Case Action

(4.4.1986) Physician Found Dead

(4.5.1986) Judge Postpones Murder Hearing

(4.13.1986) Trib Takes 1st Place Awards

(4.15.1986) DA Candidate Seeks Accounting

(4.16.1986) Forum Discusses Violence

(4.17.1986) 2 Plead Guilty In Waco

(4.18.1986) Feazell To Be At Forum

(4.20.1986) Feazell Has Our Supoort

(4.15.1986) DA Candidate Seeks Accounting

(4.16.1986) Forum Discusses Violence

(4.23.1986) Candidates Woo Captive Audience Of Potential Jurors

(4.25.1986) Jury Selection Set In West Murder Trial

(5.1.1986) Suicide Notes Name DA In Legal Trouble

(5.4.1986) Feazell Leads In DA Race

(5.7.1986) Mattox To Reveal Conclusions Of Lucas Report

(5.8.1986) Walsh Blasts Mattox For Lucas Report

(5.12.1986) Our Chief Needs To Get To Work

(5.15.1986) Lucas Says Confessions Were Lies

(5.29.1986) Sutter To Testify In Austin

(6.4.1986) Jury Finds Hall Guilty On Counts

(6.7.1986) McLennan Grand Jury Indicts Man In Shooting Death

(6.14.1986) Feazell Sues WFAA For Libel

(6.14.1986) McLennan DA Sues Channel 8

(6.20.1986) Four File Suit Against Belo

(7.11.1986) Two Face Trial In Death Of Killers Mom

(7.17.1986) Jury Selected in Belyeu Murder Trial

(7.17.1986) Grand Jury Continuing Feazell Case

(7.31.1986) Belyeu Trial Underway In Waco

(8.2.1986) Book To describe Lake Waco Triple Murders

(8.4.1986) Prosecution To Continue Case Against Belyeu

(8.5.1986) State Rests Case In Belyeu Trial

(8.6.1986) Belyeu Defense Rests Case

(8.7.1986) Jury Finds Belyeu Guilty

(8.8.1986) Belyeu To Hear His Fate

(8.9.1986) Belyeu Sentenced To Death

(8.19.1986) Feazell Grand Jury Ends Term Without Indictment

(8.28.1986) Book To Describe Lake Waco Triple Murders

(9.6.1986) Texas Ranger To Aid Hewitt Fire Probe

(9.9.1986) Lucas Case Gets Bizzare Twist

(9.12.1986) DA Files Motion To Exhume Brothers

(9.12.1986) Lucas Led Police To Home Of Dead Woman

(9.13.1986) Brothers Reinterred Investigation Continues

(9.17.1986) Feazell Arrested Today

(9.17.1986) McLennan DA Indicted, Arrested

(9.18.1986) DA Charged With Racketeering

(9.18.1986) Feazell Can Still Win

(9.18.1986) Former US Attorney To Represent Feazell

(9.18.1986) McLennan DA Facing Charges Of Racketeering, Bribery, and Fraud

(9.19.1986) Feazell Supporters Ignore Indictment

(9.19.1986) King Of Confessions

(9.21.1986) Waco Divided As Siege Mounts On Fort Feazell

(9.23.1986) Boys Alive At Start Of Fire

(9.25.1986) Deaths Of Hewitt Children To Be Probed At Fire Inquest

(9.27.1986) Feazell Test Turns Up No Evidence Of Drugs

(9.28.1986) Feazell Takes Drug Test, Pleads Innocent To Rackets Charges

(10.1.1986) DA's Office Members Testify Before Grand Jury

(10.2.1986) TV Movie May Air On Triple Murders

(10.3.1986) Dallas Reporter Debunks Lucas Confessions

(10.4.1986) Probe Of Fatal Blaze Near Waco Requested

(10.4.1986) Prosecutor Compares Lucas, Bundy

(10.6.1986) The Saga Of Vic Feazell

(10.7.1986) Judge James Nowlan To Hear Feazell Trial

(10.9.1986) Evanglist, Feazell Testify about lucas

(10.14.1986) Feazell Burglary Is latest Oddity In Lucas Saga

(10.15.1986) Bible-Quoting DA Leads Race Despite Indictment

(10.15.1986) Government Has right To Decieve

(10.19.1986) Feazell May Get Racehorse To Argue Case

(10.26.1986) Lone Investigator Follows Long

(10.26.1986) One Mans Vow Ends In Solution Of Teen Murders

(10.26.1986) Black Hole Engulfs All In Lucas Case

(10.28.1985) Feazell Blasts TV Report At Media Roundtable

(10.30.1986) Ad For Careless Whispers Book Signing

(10.31.1986) Feazell, Gartner Face Off In Debate

(11.1.1986) Triple Murders Retraced

(11.3.1986) For Feazell More Than An Election

(11.5.1986) Embattled Waco DA On Way To Winning Second Bid

(11.5.1986) Indicted DA Feazell Keeps Job

(11.5.1986) McLennan DA Credits God For Victory

(11.6.1986) Win In election Clips Credibility Of Indictment

(11.13.1986) Author Says DA Victim Of Frame

(11.16.1986) Is Texas Justice A Little To Blind

(11.19.1986) Feazell Says Case Files Disturbed

(11.20.1986) DPS Head Defends Feazell Probe

(12.16.1986) Federal Judge Rules In Feazell Case

(12.21.1986) Lucas Case Killed By Judges Ruling

(12.30.1986) DA To Get Day In Court






(1.1.1987) Election Victors Take Office

(1.1.1987) Other DA's Cool To Feazell Plea For Funds

(1.2.1987) Lucas Says He'll Fight Extradition

(1.3.1987) Evening With The Stars To Aid Easter Seals

(1.3.1987) Hewitt Recieves Autposy Results

(1.3.1987) Office Receives Hewitt Autopsy Reports

(1.4.1987) Lucas Shameful Saga Ending

(1.13.1987) Feazell Trial Reschedualed

(1.16.1987) DA Feazell Files 47 Page Motion

(1.16.1987) DA Says He's Being Persecuted

(1.17.1987) HLL Case Files Missing

(1.19.1987) Self Styled Daniel Faces The Lions

(1.24.1987) Two Enter Pleas Of Innocent In Waco Death

(1.26.1987) DA Feazell Alleging Prosecutorial Misconduct

(1.30.1987) McLennan Jury Returns Indictment

(1.31.1987) Attorney Defends Feazell Search

(2.2.1987) Everyone Read 'Whispers'

(2.12.1987) District Judge Agree's to Delay DA's Pretrial

(2.12.1987) Grand jury To Study Murder, Fire Deaths

(2.13.1987) Grand Jury Probes Hewitt Fire Deaths

(2.13.1987) Stowers Revives Lake Waco Murders

(2.18.1987) Bumper Stickers Allow For Creative Expression

(2.20.19687) District Attorney Vic Feazell

(2.22.1987) A Logical Site To Try Feazell

(3.4.1987) Gov't Prosecutors Deny Feazell Motion

(3.20.1987) Feazell wants his trial moved to waco

(3.23.1987) Jury Selection Set In Graf Case

(3.27.1987) Adams Calls It Quits

(3.27.1987) Col Adams Plans To Retire

(4.23.1987) Nowlan To Hear 18 Feazell Motions

(4.29.1987) Feazell Charges Reduced

(5.10.1987) Feazell Hearing To Offer Clues To Tone Of Trial

(5.12.1987) Feazell Says Prosecutor Warned Him To Stay

(5.12.1987) Feazell Takes Stand In Austin

(5.13.1987) Attorney General Testifies For Feazell

(5.13.1987) Judge Considers Dismissing Indictment

(5.13.1987) Mattox Says Feazell Probe Was Retaliation

(5.15.1987) Hearing On Death Of Spence's Mother Centers

(5.15.1987) Judge To Rule Next Week In DA's Case

(5.19.1987) Feazell Trial To Be In Austin

(5.20.1978) Feazell Expenses Doubted

(5.22.1987) Feazell Charges Not Retaliation Judge Decides

(5.25.1987) DA Faces Trial On Federal Charges

(5.26.1987) Jury To Be Picked In Feazell Trial

(5.27.1987) Feazell Can't Use Lucas Investigation

(5.27.1987) Judge Questions Relevance Legality of Feazell Defense

(5.28.1987) DPS Agent Recounts History Of Feazell Investigation

(5.29.1987) Feazell Witness Tells Of Abnormal Dismissal Rate

(5.30.197) Ex-Feazell Assistant Testifies He Never Saw Prosecutor Take Bribe

(5.31.1987) Feazell Says Real Fight In Trial Yet To Come

(6.2.1987) Jan Patterson Resigns From The Justice Department

(6.5.1987) Aide Says He, Not DA Dropped Case

(6.6.1987) Feazell Testimony Conflicts

(6.7.1987) Feazell, State Both Confident As Trial Goes On

(6.9.1987) Lawyer Tells Of Payoffs In Feazell Case

(6.10.1987) Attorney Testifies Feazell Wanted Piece Of Action

(6.11.1987) Jury Hears Taped Conversation

(6.11.1987) Waco Lawyer Offers Testimony Against Feazell In Bribery Trial

(6.12.1987) Waco Lawyer Still Insists Fees Split With Feazell

(6.16.1987) Don Hall Has Copies Of Records

(6.16.1987) Veteran Waco Lawyer Tells Of Deal With DA

(6.17.1987) Hall Elaborates On 11 Payments Feazell Made

(6.19.1987) Defense Begins In DA's Trial

(6.19.1987) Feazell Starts To Tell His Side Of The Story

(6.19.1987) Former Aide Testify's In Feazell's Behalf

(6.19.1987) Judge Won't Drop Bribery Charges In Feazell Case

(6.20.1987) Courtroom Bickering Slows Feazell Trial

(6.20.1987) Simons Gets State Award

(6.23.1987) Feazell Takes Stand

(6.24.1987) Beleagured DA Testifies Gov't Harrassed Him

(6.24.1987) Feazell Cries On Stand

(6.24.1987) Feazell Contends Federal Agents Tapped His Phone

(6.25.1987) Feazell Says Attorneys Told 'Bald Faced Lies'

(6.25.1987) Testimony Ends In Feazell Trial

(6.26.1987) 8 Charges Dropped Against Feazell

(6.26.1987) Jury Gets Feazell Case

(6.27.1987) Feazell Jury Breaks For 2 Days Without Verdict

(6.27.1987) Feazell Jury To Reconvene On Monday

(6.28.1987) Feazell Awaiting Verdict

(6.29.1987) Feazell Acquitted This Morning

(6.29.1987) Federal Jury Finds Feazell Innocent

(6.29.1987) Jury Finds Feazell Innocent

(6.29.1987) McLennan DA Found Innocent

(6.30.1987) Feazell Acquitted, Blasts Foes

(7.1.1987) District Attorney Back On The Job

(7.1.1987) Feazell To Sue Dallas TV Station

(7.5.1987) Feazell Victim Of Vandetta

(7.5.1987) McLennan DA Acquitted, But Troubles Aren't Over

(7.5.1987) Vic 1, Feds 0

(7.7.1987) Probe Feazell's Probers

(7.14.1987) Kettler, Hall Get Court Dates

(7.16.1987) Feazell Off and Runnin After Bribery Acquittal

(8.1.1987) Feazell Asks Immunity Against Counterclaim

(8.21.1987) DA Grievance Hearing Underway

(9.10.1987) Williams Gets Life Sentence

(9.26.1987) Feazells Life, Time May Be Told In Movie

(9.1987) The War In Waco Heats Up

(11.20.1987) Feazell Subpoenas Police Chief

(12.10.1987) Blood Found On suspects Clothes

(12.11.1987) Stepfather Again Charged In Fire Deaths Of Two Boys

(12.30.1987) Feazell Claims To Be Target Of Frame Up

(12.31.1987) War Of Words In Waco






(1.6.1988) Acquitted DA Accepts Two Year Bar Probation

(1.9.1988) Feazell Suit Gets Judge

(1.27.1988) DA's Office Gets Grant For Computer System

(2.4.1988) Take Charges To The Grand Jury

(2.9.1988) Chief Asked To Quit

(2.13.1988) Prosecutor Chosen To Probe Feazell Charges

(2.16.1988) Grand Jury On Feazell

(2.26.1988) Grand Jury Extended 90 Days

(3.16.1988) ''Feazell Should Quit His Retaliation Against Waco, Police

(3.21.1988) Jury Selection Begins Tuesday In Graf Capital Murder Trial

(3.23.1988) Jury Selection Set In Graf Case

(3.27.1988) Feazell Revising Protocol

(3.31.1988) 7th Juror Chosen for Graf Trial

(4.4.1988) Graf Trial Testimony May Begin April 11th

(4.11.1988) Testimony To Begin In Graf Case

(4.12.1988) Fire Chief Testifies In Graf Trial

(4.18.1988) Graf Trial To Resume Thursday

(4.18.1988) Victim Said He Smelled Gas Shortly Before Explosion

(4.23.1988) Testimony Against Graf Disputed

(4.25.1988) Graf's Defense Says 20 to Testify

(4.27.1988) Graf Not Involved In Fire, Death Of Boys, He Says

(4.28.1988) Graf Jury To Hear Summations

(4.29.1988) Jury Finds Graf Guilty Of Murder

(4.30.1988) Graf Sentenced To Life In Prison

(5.3.1988) Jury Gives Graf Life

(6.2.1988) Graf Attorney Sees Excellent Chance For New Trial

(6.10.1988) Court Denies New Trial for Graf

(6.20.1988) McLennan Official Sues TV Station

(8.11.1988) Captain Courtroom

(8.28.1988) The Wade-Feazell Comparison Part I and II

(9.13.1988) Feazell Says He's Resigning As DA

(9.18.1988) Is Screen Big Enough For Vic Feazell Story

(10.9.1988) DA Testifies Officials Discouraged Lucas Retractions






(4.26.1989) Misconduct Allegatons Lodged Against Police Chief

(4.27.1989) Gartner To Call Upon Rangers

(6.1.1989) Death Row Inmate Awaits Hearing






(1.4.1990) Investigative Reporter Duncan Out At 8

(7.11.1990) Hearing Set On Suit By Ex-DA

(7.13.1990) Scott Dismissed From Feazell Libel Suit






(1.8.1991) Feazell Libel Hearing Delayed

(2.15.1991) Austin Judge To Rule On Libel Suit

(3.10.1991) Feazell Tips Lance At Dallas TV Report

(3.11.1991) Jury Selection To Begin In Feazell Libel Suit

(3.12.1991) Jury Selection Continues In Television Slander Trial

(3.13.1991) Feazell's Attorneys Outlining Case

(3.14.1991) Defendants Testimony Contradicted In Trial

(3.15.1991) Former WFAA Journalist Grilled

(3.16.1991) TV Drawing Distorted Facts

(3.19.1991) High Court Rejects 2nd Death Row Appeal

(3.20.1991) Ex Reporter Spends 4th Day On Stand

(3.22.1991) Reporter Disavows Distortion

(3.23.1991) Report Omitted Key Details Says Feazell Attorney

(3.26.1991) Testimony Focuses On Enemies List

(3.27.1991) Unaired Feazell Reports Revealed

(3.28.1991) Investigator Contradicts Duncan's Testimony

(3.29.1991) 2nd Police Officer Refutes TV Reports

(4.1.1991) Feazell Libel trial Testimony Enters 4th Week

(4.3.1991) Feds Tried To Coerce Testimony

(4.4.1991) Woman, DA Upset Area Cops

(4.5.1991) Computer files On Lucas Vanished Witness Says

(4.5.1991) Duncan Denies Link Between Lucas Story and His Series

(4.6.1991) News Director Defends Reporter

(4.12.1991) Feazell's Testimony Angered

(4.13.1991) Feazell Fends Off Charges

(4.15.1991) Feazell To Resume Testimony

(4.16.1991) Defense Flamboyant In All Media

(4.18.1991) Jury In Feazell Case To Begin Deliberations

(4.20.1991) Channel 8 Loses Libel Lawsuit

(4.20.1991) Ex DA Wins 58 Million Dollar Libel Reward

(4.20.1991) EX-McLennan DA Wins Libel Suite Against WFAA

(4.20.1991) Feazell Wins $58 Million Libel Suit

(4.20.1991) Jury Awards ex-DA Feazell Record $58 Million in Libel Suit

(4.21.1991) 58 Million Libel Award For EX Prosecutor

(4.21.1991) Texas Jury Grants 58 Million In Largest

(4.22.1991) AH Belo Ordered To Pay $58 Million In Libel Suit

(4.23.1991) Feazell Says He Could Have Had More

(4.23.1991) Now For Some Balanced Coverage On Channel 8

(4.25.1991) A Jury Of Jeers

(4.28.1991) Plaintiff Played David To Win Goliath Award

(4.30.1991) Feazell Pursues Judgment

(6.8.1991) $58 Million Libel Award Will Stand

(6.1991) D Magazine Judgment In Waco

(7.27.1991) Feazell To Seek Bio Deal In Hollywood

(7.28.1991) Ex- DA's Libel Award May Be Movie Fodder

(7.28.1991) Feazell Wants Costner To Portray Him In Movie About Life Story

(8.1.1991) Feazell Near Closing Film Deal On Life Story

(8.3.1991) A Man Of Leisure

(8.3.1991) Feazell To Defend Lucas

(8.9.1991) Texas Millionaire To Defend Penniless Killer In Florida

(8.13.1991) Can't Wait To See Feazell's Movie

(8.29.1991) The $58 Million Man





(2.10.1992) Attorney Considered By Turner Gains Prestige In Libel Suits

(4.19.1992) Fire Dept. To Continue Probe Of Gas Station Blast

(7.13.1992) Wounds That Time Can't Heal

(7.26.1992) Pain Echoes Ten Years After Grisly Deaths

(10.24.1992) Blast Victim Awarded 21.8 Million By Jury

(10.24.1992) Jury Awards Temple Couple 22 Million

(12.15.1992) Deeb Said Glad Over Murders






(1.10.1993) McDuff Trial Preperation Dominates Seagrest To Lead Prosecution

(1.13.1993) Deeb Verdict He's Not Guilty

(1.13.1993) Outcome Of Deeb Trial Sends Shocks

(1.15.1993) Deeb Acquittal Not Likely To Help Spence

(1.16.1993) County Bills Mount Following Deeb Trial

(2.2.1993) Feazell's Gospel

(2.5.1993) Fiction Couldn't Be Any Stranger For Crusading Attorney Feazell

(2.18.1993) Man Given 10 Million In Bell Suit

(3.7.1993) Austin Lawyer Feazell Says He Could Help Koresh

(3.22.1993) Movie On Waco Murders May Not Air

(3.23.1993) Sworn Is Based On Waco Murders

(8.15.1993) 10 Years Later, Truth About Lucas Elusive

(8.15.1993) Drifter Linked To Nearly 600 Murders Now On Death Row

(9.9.1993) Lucas Case Attorneys Appointed

(11.4.1993) Ex-Inmate Acquited of Killings in Waco Now Criticizes System





(1.14.1994) Deeb Files Suit Against Law Officers

(3.11.1994) DNA Test May Aid Henry Lucas Case

(5.19.1994) No Escaping The Clutches Of A Cult Film

(10.2.1994) Lucas Murder Victim Turns Up Alive In Missouri

(10.4.1994) Lucas Victim Says She Is Alive

(10.6.1994) Genetic Tests Rule Out Claims Of ''Anastasia''

(12.6.1994) Back From The Dead-- National Examiner





(1.20.1995) Feazell's Star Rises Again On TV






(8.23.1997) Post-Mortem Bid Made To Clear Spence



(6.11.1998) No Refuge From Confession

(6.16.1998) Bush Asks Parole Board To Review Killer's Case

(6.26.1998) Clemency Recommended For Lucas

(6.27.1998) Bush Spares Lucas' Life

(7.11.1998) Sister Of Murder Victim Wants Lucas Retried

(10.21.1998) Lake Waco Killer Dies





(11.19.2000) Simons Longtime Cop Changing Gears






(4.10.2008) Is Ed Graf An Innocent Man

(10.6.2008) Some Death Row Realism




Jury Awards $90000 To Woman In Bell County





(7.25.2012) Man Is Charged In 1980 Slaying




Jury Sentences Killer To Death

WFAA Dallas: Skeleton in the Closet - Nation's Largest Libel Award





Attorney Vic Feazell Selected for List of Top Rated Lawyers in Texas




Feazell On TV Cartoon

Feazell The Motion Picture

Fort Feazell Cartoon

Jim Mattox Political Cartoon

Lucas 1

Lucas 2

Lucas 3



Branch Davidians


(3.2.1993) Initial Raid Defended By ATF Official

(3.2.1993) Ex-Prosecutor Laments Agents' 'Storm Trooper' Tactics

(3.2.1993) 2nd Assault On Waco Cult Looms

(3.3.1993) Lawyers Critical of ATF's Tactcs, Return of Guns

(3.3.1993) Critics Say ATF Needs New Tactics

(3.3.1993) Tactics Used In Confronting Cult Criticized

(3.3.1993) More Children Released, Leader Delays Surrender

(3.7.1993) Austin Lawyer Feazell Says He Could Help Koresh

(3.7.1993) World Again Held Spellbound As Bloody Texas Siege Unfolds

(3.12.1993) Officers Halt Visit To Complex

(3.24.1993) Stand Off In Waco Is No Surprise

(4.28.1993) Cult Leader Seen Days Before Raid

(8.30.1993) Lawyer Files Suit Against Government

What Could Have Stopped Tragedy

Religion Had Early Influence On Cult Leader

Leader: Cult 'ready for war'

(Dallas Observer July 1993) Return Of The Davidians