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Vic's Comments On Edward Graff's Motion For Habeas Corpus



There is no doubt in my mind that Graf set the fire that killed the boys and

that the conviction in 1988 was appropriate. Science knows a lot more about

fires than was known back then, but it was a lot of other evidence that led to

the jury's decision. The defense had their own fire expert and the expert for the

State has since died. Investigators accumulated an incredible amount of

circumstantial evidence that pointed to Graf's guilt, including insurance policies

bought on the 8- and 9-year- old boys within weeks of their deaths. There was a

lot of evidence from former friends and neighbors and the boy’s mother that was

presented to the jury.The contention that the boys themselves started the fire

inside the shed was addressed during the trial. Read the transcript and you will

have no doubt that Graff killed the boys. If a neighbor has told Reaves he saw

the doors open at the time of the deadly fire, where was he during the trial? I

don’t remember any such witness, although that was 25 years ago and my

memory isn’t what it used to be, but everyone out there was questioned.

We sent investigators to the city dump to recover the door and frame from the

shed. The door latch was closed from the outside; something the boys could not

have done from inside the shed. The latch was closed and pictures of that door

with the latch closed were entered into evidence at trial. Even if the trial court

had barred introduction of the fire evidence, the outcome would have been the

same. Graff was an extremely meticulous man and he kept detailed records of

events and completed tasks on a close schedule, yet he failed to attend to

things regarding those boys in the days before their deaths. He even refused to

let the boys take the tags off their new school clothes and then returned them to

the store for a refund after their deaths. He knew they weren’t going to be

around much longer. Neither had he refilled their prescription medicines on time

as had been his custom. The boy’s mother had told Graff she was going to

divorce him right after school started and she returned to work as a teacher. She

was divorcing him because of the way he had been mistreating the boys.

The trial transcript will erase any hope Graf has of a new trial.

I don't believe Mr. Graf will get a new trial because I truly believe in my heart

he killed those boys, but I think the process of looking into it is good. I think it's

good for Reaves to look into the conviction because any time we revisit

evidence and criminal prosecution issues, it just makes our justice system



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Longtime Waco Attorney Killed In Head-On Collision





State Fire Marshall Report

Jason Graf Cause Of Death Form

Joby Graf Cause Of Death Form

Physical Evidence Submission Form (9.4.1986)

Physical Evidence Submission Form (9.8.1986)

Jason Graf Autopsy Report From Southwestern Institute Of Forensics

Jason Graf Autopsy Report From Waco Clinical Pathology Laboratory

Joby Graf Autopsy Report From Waco Clinical Pathology Laboratory



Court Documents:



Subpoena Duces Tecum To Vic Feazell For Physical Evidence Production

Notice Of Intent To Seek Death Penalty

Notice Of Intent To Use Evidence Of Other Crimes

Pretrial Hearing

Request For Exhumation and Autopsy





Statement Of Carl Geer

Statement Of Carol Schafer

Statement Of Curtis Mclemore

Statement Of Denise Martin

Statement Of Don Ford

Statement Of Garrett Creppon

Statement Of Glen Arthur

Statement Of H.L. Darnell

Statement Of Irvin Bush

Statement Of James Sutter

Statement Of Jimmy Clark

Statement Of Robert E

Statement Of Tom Lucenay

Statement Of Tracy Neie

Statement Of Walter Smith

Statement Of Walter Smith (2.25.1986)

Statement of Webo

Statement Of Wilfred Wondra

Statement Of William Flake

Statement Of William Sprung

Voluntary Statement Of Malcolm Frasier

Voluntary Statement Of Denise Martin

Statement Of Edward Graff

Voluntary Statement Of Garrett Creppon

Voluntary Statement Of Jerry McGaughy

Voluntary Statement Of John Gamble

Voluntary Statement Of John Snapp

Voluntary Statement Of Katy Snapp

Voluntary Statement Of Malcom Frasier

Voluntary Statement Of Tracy Meie

Voluntary Statement Of Wilfred Wondra

Written Statement Of Carl Geer

Written Statement Of Mrs. Graf

Written Statement Of Don Ford

Written Statement Of Glenn Arthur

Written Statement Of Harold Sokolove

Written Statement Of Irvin Bush

Written Statement Of Jerry Howard

Written Statement Of Jerry Howse

Written Statement Of Larry Adkins

Written Statement Of Philip Greenawalt

Written Statement Of Richard Maker

Written Statement Of Ricky Burton

Written Statement Of Tim Fason

Written Statement Of Timonty Griesse

Written Statement Of Webo

Written Statement Of William Sprung


Police Reports:


(8.26.1986) Watts

(8.27.1986) Latham

(8.28.1986) Calwell

(9.2.1986) Latham

(9.2.1986) Lathem II

(9.2.1986) Latham III

(9.3.1986) Latham

(9.4.1986) Calwell

(9.4.1986) Latham

(9.4.1986) Latham II

(9.5.1986) Colwell

(9.5.1986) Latham

(9.7.1986) Latham

(9.8.1986) Latham

(9.9.86) Latham



(11.10.1986) Wachtendorf

Chronological Police Reports

Offense Reports (8.28.1986)