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WFAA Dallas: Skeleton in the closet, nation's largest libel award

WFAA Dallas: creating prejudice - the case of homestead heritage.


Henry Lee Lucas Case Solved Years Later

Newspaper Article: Man Is Chared In 1980 Slaying (7.25.2012)

This is a murder case Henry Lee Lucas confessed to. If I had not stood against the Ranger Task Force, and endured their wrath and my indictment, it would have been a closed case, not a cold case, and would never have been solved.
I hope that every city, county and state that closed a case based on a Lucas confession will reopen them and try to find the real murderer. Now that we have DNA technology, it can be done. I applaud the men who are doing that now.
When I was in handcuffs I said to the TV cameras that were filming my arrest, "You know what's going on here, and I will still be proven right."
With the solving of Rita Salazar's murder last year and now Mildred McKinney's murder, and winning my criminal trial and my libel case, I have have been proven right. Justice: it's better late than never.


UT, Texas After violence project Interview with Vic Feazell

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Vic Does Battle During A Deposition



Should Grandma Smoke Pot?




Waco After 20 Years: A Warning Against Unrestrained Government

April 19 marks the 20th anniversary of the Waco, Texas, massacre of Branch Davidian church members at the organization's Mount Carmel compound. Some 82 Davidians (including 26 children) and four ATF agents were killed in two related episodes, a February 28 military-style assault by 100 ATF agents and an April 19 fire after a six-week stand-off provoked by the FBI.

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